"Please if you could continue services with [my child] next school year, I would really appreciate it. He has been improving so much. And I don't want him to get another therapist. He is doing better on his behavior at home since having him take therapy with you. And it is a pleasure for me to have you as his therapist. Thank you for your support."

From a parent whose child is receiving Occupational Therapy services from the Opening Doors Therapy contracted OT, Dorothy
Working as an IA has been rewarding and enjoyable, and Alice has been certain to ensure it stays that way! She has been helpful and knowledgeable with any questions that arise regarding the best ways to help my students, as well as making sure I feel valued and appreciated as a contractor with Opening Doors Therapy. The families that I have had the pleasure of working with through ODT have been great to work with as well, and although services are currently being provided virtually, I have developed a connection with each of my students that I value as well.
Independent Contractor, Instructional Aide

Opening Doors Therapy has opened my eyes to what it means to be well-regarded as a school based Occupational Therapist!   I have worked for many different agencies over the years, who promised great rates, the ability to expand my caseload as much as I needed and ensured me that they understand my needs as a therapist.  Well, over and over again, my experience was such that none of their promises came to fruition and I was left feeling unvalued, disrespected, and misunderstood.  Then along came Alice, Owner of Opening Doors Therapy.

Alice is a seasoned therapist who understands the importance of not only providing top notch therapy service to children and their families’ and the schools that we serve, but she also understands the job and what it means to be a school based therapy provider and what that entails.  She does not just promise you the world to get you on board, then treats you like other agencies do.

Alice understands therapy from both sides of the fence, as a provider and as a business.  She appreciates hard working therapists and advocates on your behalf to negotiate top rates not just for direct time, but for all the countless hours of indirect time that our job as therapists involve.  We do the job because it is our passion to help children and their families grow in independence and become successful, but Alice takes it one step further than that and does it all for the good of everyone on the team and not just her bottom line.  Alice from Opening Doors Therapy has proven that valuing, respecting, and understanding providers needs is just as important and as much a priority to her and her business as it is to you!

Independent Contractor, OT

Wow! When I heard that ODT was opening their doors, I was like, "Sign Me Up"!  Alice has done a phenomenal job at listening to what I wanted in a therapy company.  She is so helpful and understanding when you have questions or concerns. Whether you have a few students or a full caseload I can't ask for a better therapy company.  ODT and Alice come highly recommended!

Independent Contractor, SLP

I've picked up contract cases with other agencies in the past and honestly feel that ODT allows for a much more easygoing experience.  The paperwork is minimal, rates are high, and if needed, Alice will advocate on your behalf.

Independent Contractor, SLP

Alice is dedicated to her clients. She works pro-actively and aggressively to meet all of our school's therapy needs, in order for us to meet timelines. I highly recommend Alice.

Special Education Related Services Coordinator, Cyber Charter School

A family chose to do home-schooling so a student received therapy via tele practice that I provided, however, the mother runs a small business from home and it’s too difficult with all her children home to focus on her business, so they are choosing in person/bricks and mortar schooling next year. The mother stated, “I wish I could take you (SLP) with me next year. My child made so much progress this year. I think the one-on-one sessions really helped her.”

Independent Contractor, SLP

I think sometimes the stereotype of tele-therapy is that it’s not “as equal” as in-person sessions, or the child isn’t “getting as much out of it as in-person sessions”. However, I have found quite the opposite to be true as I have started this journey this year with ODT. I have gotten to meet children’s siblings, and parents that I might not always meet or only see once a year at an IEP meeting. I also feel like most families make me a part of their home, virtually. I really feel honored to have gotten to know all the families I work with. I have greatly enjoyed getting to be a process of the development of the child as whole, even though it may feel, “disjointed” in comparison to traditional therapy. There is a network of support, and actually increased communication involving the school, therapists, parent and child.

Independent Contractor, SLP