About us

Opening Doors Therapy is owned and operated by Alice Forsythe.

Alice is a proven leader in the therapy staffing industry, having placed therapists and educational professionals with a wide variety of schools and educational programs throughout the country.

In her previous practice as an accomplished speech-language pathologist and audiologist, and throughout her thirteen years of connecting therapists and students, Alice Forsythe has built her career in the service of children, stating, “It is every child's right and privilege to grow; flourish and learn, and it's those in their care who are responsible for providing an optimal environment to do so. This is true for my own children: my inspirations, and all children. ODT is honored to support the facilitation of that environment.”

Alice Forsythe is fully committed to understanding the multiple perspectives of all who are invested in the development of young minds.

Please feel welcomed to contact us at any time. Our doors are open!

Alice Forsythe

Co-Founder / Owner

O: 610-226-2940

C: 610-745-9670

[email protected]